Top 7 Useful Bookmarking Tips

Top 7 Useful Bookmarking Tips

Bookmarking is an easy task that helps you in viewing the bookmarked site from any computer using any services. It is a technique where you can organize your webpages better for the site you visit often. This helps you in getting into that desired site simply within two or three clicks. Through this process you can gain good marketing strategies by posting or sharing your links on other bookmarking sites that allow users to find your site easily. The Digital Media Agency assures you with good progress in bookmarking strategy.
Here are some of the top bookmarking sites:
  1. Stumbleupon                                               6. Delicious
  2. Digg                                                                  7. Propeller
  3. Reddit                                                              8. Bizzsugar
  4. TweetMeme                                                  9. Twine
  5. Mixx                                                               10. Slashdot

Tips for bookmarking are,
1.Controversial: The controversies are always on the top of the list, where you gain a lot of user attention that may be either positive or negative. It always scores highly in grabbing the attention of social networks and have many comments in the list from different visitors.
2. unique content: There is a risk if you bookmark your pages to various websites with the same description and related information, this will result in search engines considering your site as spam and also banned sometimes due to the duplicate content. So you have to make sure that you don’t repeat the description, tags and titles to ensure that the backlinks are counted in your favour.
3. Be instant: Make use of the information that is new to the social networking sites, for this you need to remain updated whenever it is needed. Never display data that is old as it is no more news and will be buried with the new updates that are prevailing.
4. Promoting yourself: It is a process where you yourself bookmark every post from your own website and no unrelated posts, this will be accepted by most of the sites, and however a few websites treat it as spam and delete your account. In order to avoid this you need to bookmark another unrelated websites that looks natural. 
5. Sense of humour: You can make use of popular videos or images that creates a stir in your site and have large number of views. This offers a high rating to your site making it popular.
6. Outrageous: Be bold in whatever information you display, as boldness will be always appreciated. It is the aspect that always scores maximum number of votes on social networking sites.
7. Ping your page: Once you have completed bookmarking your website, you need to send your profile page to ping; the search engines crawl your profile page as you have updated information on your site, this helps in faster indexing of your website.
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